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July 8, 2009
Ex tennis player Anna Kournikova has created rumors that she is engaged to Spanish pop singer and movie artist Enrique Iglesias after she was seen wearing a huge diamond ring on her left-hand wedding finger. When a press representative asked her about the ring's significance, she replied: "I thought you were the good press", and immediately put her hand behind her back to hide the ring. The couple has been dating for over seven years.

July 4, 2009
It is official. On July 1st, a famous American musician and actor Kevin Jonas proposed to his 21 year old girlfriend, a former hairdresser named Danielle Deleasa, with a stunning 3 carat diamond engagement ring! A magnificent cushion-cut center diamond is surrounded by over 200 round pave-set small diamonds! The ring priced at $75,000, was purchased from Jacob & Co. in New York.

June 27, 2009
Melissa Rycroft got another engagement ring. The dancing with the stars second place winner who was dumped on national television by Jason Mesnick this winter, has been dating her best friend Tye Strickland, an insurance agent from Texas. Rycroft broke the news about her engagement on Good Morning America where she will appear on the show in small episodes this summer. The couple celebrated their engagement all night with their parents at New York restaurant Brio, located on the upper east side on Lexington ave.

June 12, 2009
In response to the rumors started during the 2008 Presidential Election campaign, regarding Chelsea Clinton's engagement to Investment Banker Marc Mezvinsky, Bill Clinton issued a statement. In that statement a spokesperson for the family has categorically denied the report. "It's absolutely not true.” As was reported by the Boston Globe, the couple was to be married in the Martha’s Vineyard home of actors Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.

May 19, 2009
A unique 100 carat yellow diamond was presented by the British jewelry company "Graff". The cost of this gem is $27.5 million dollars. The company founder and "King of Diamonds" - Lawrence Graf, owns a collection of unique jewels and, priced over $423 million dollars. He began collecting precious stones at an early age, but it was later that Graf established his jewelry company, which specializes in diamond jewelry and unique diamond engagement rings. Each diamond is cut by hand which explains the high price of Graf's jewelry.
Lawrence Graf always enjoys talking about his collection and always states: "Diamonds are my life."

May 6, 2009
Famous billionaire investor Warren Buffet announced that he has decided to begin investing in gold. Not so long ago Mr. Buffet, the world-renowned billionaire investor, was hardly interested in the precious metal. Mr. Buffet announced that he has decided to begin investing in gold by acquiring several gold miners and consolidating them into the newly formed Richline Group. The main target is to become the largest jewelry supply group in the United States. Among his bets are two jewelry manufacturing giants: Bel-Oro International and Aurafin. It is projected that combined, these firms will tally for 6% of the world's gold jewelry market. The transaction is planned to close in fall of this year. The Richline Group is expected to hire 2000 workers and generate over 500 million dollars in revenue.

April 15, 2009
Chain jewelry, the most stylish accessory of the 80's is back. Chain jewelry consists of gold, silver or multi-colored necklaces, bracelets and anklets, bulky and heavy pieces such as in the Gianfranco Ferre collection, or light and elegant pieces commonly found in antique jewelry.
The steel or plastic chains are widely used as a decoration for summer foot-wear and hand bags. Chains are often supplemented with a variety of charms. Pearls still play a main role in many important chain jewelry collections. The most popular are long overhanging links with round or pear-shaped pearls.
Butterflies, spheres and flowers are becoming the basic motif for designers. They can be made completely from metal, a metal-stone combination or made entirely of stones.
The end result is feminine and always original. White gold chain jewelry is still very popular, especially when set with large diamonds, sapphires and multicolored gems.

April 3, 2009
According to a National Jeweler Network news release, De Beers, the world's biggest diamond producer is going to sell jewelry online. Guy Leymarie, the CEO of the company in a recent interview revealed that a new division will be added to the already existing De Beers website in the beginning of summer 2007.
However, Leymarie noted, that the jewelry collection offered for sale online will be much smaller than what customers can find in a De Beers retail store. Online sales will not be the main part of their business. For now, customers after viewing jewelry items online are invited to make an appointment to view the items in person at a De Beers store.

March 16, 2009
According to the participants at the international jewelry fair in Vicenza, Italy, sales of yellow gold jewelry will increase in the coming year. The famous jewelry designer P. Orlandini predicts that yellow gold will become more popular among consumers throughout the globe.
Currently, the US and European jewelry markets are showing an increased demand for ancient Roman and Greek style yellow gold replicas. The World Gold Council estimates that there was a 40% increase in demand for yellow gold in March, 2007 worldwide, as compared with the corresponding time period in 2006. The increase is explained in part by the effect of the Chinese year of the "Golden Pig", which is seen as a favorable period for gold jewelry purchases.

March 3, 2009
A huge scandal is growing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. A unique rough diamond weighing 140 carats was sold for a several million dollars cheaper than its real cost. A local miner sold the rough stone without the required examination, resulting in almost 8 million dollars in savings for the buyer.
The manager of the country's diamond-mining industry stated that the real cost of the stone, which sold for $1.4 million, was closer to $10 million dollars. The miner sold the stone to a diamond and jewelry dealer from Lebanon, and the transaction itself occurred at night.
The miner and the entire Democratic Republic of the Congo will take a huge loss, because two percent of any transaction involving precious stones found on it's territory goes into the Republic's budget.
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2006 alone, 26 million carats of rough diamonds were mined, with sales estimated at $624.7 million dollars. The main buyers of diamonds are from Israel and Belgium.

February 3, 2009
According to some experts, demand for gold and diamond jewelry will rise in the oil producing regions of the Middle East. Summer is usually a time when millions of people buy more gold. Some buy jewelry when visiting hometowns and many buy gold as a "safe haven" in terms of investment.

In an interview to the Gulf Times, A. V. Joju, an Alokas Jewelry executive, said that gold sales significaly increase during the summer months of June and July. "The main reason", he explains, "is because many people go on leave during the summer. And as a result, many individuals carry gold jewelry. The Gulf region always was famous for high quality gold jewelry."

According to World Gold Council data for the first quarter of 2007, gold sales in the United Arab Emirates had risen by 25% as compared with the coresponding period in 2006.

January 26, 2009
The "Contemporary Alchemy Jewelry from Britain" exhibition started on April 10, at Seef Mal, Bahrain. The exhibition is sponsored by the British Council and presents hand made articles crafted of platinum, sterling silver and gold by leading British jewelry designers. Alchemy to a great extent was the medieval predecessor of contemporary chemistry, and is a broad process, comprised of both scientific and philosophical practices. It is unknown where and when alchemy was first invented. However, according to some historical data it was widely practiced between the 9th and 18th centuries.

The inauguration was done by the famous Arabic author A. R. Rafie. The exhibition will last till April 24 and is expected to attract a large number of visitors, both domestic and from overseas.

January 23, 2009
The "Contemporary Alchemy Jewelry from Britain" exhibition started on April 10, at Seef Mal, Bahrain. The exhibition is sponsored by the British Council and presents hand made articles crafted of platinum, sterling silver and gold by leading British jewelry designers.
Alchemy to a great extent was the medieval predecessor of contemporary chemistry, and is a broad process, comprised of both scientific and philosophical practices. It is unknown where and when alchemy was first invented. However, according to some historical data it was widely practiced between the 9th and 18th centuries. The inauguration was done by the famous Arabic author A. R. Rafie. The exhibition will last till April 24 and is expected to attract a large number of visitors, both domestic and from overseas.

January 18, 2009
Cartier, the 145-year-old international luxury jeweler, has enacted major changes in its U.S. distribution network to protect its brand name image and products from counterfeiters and the so- called “gray market.” The new Cartier Agency Plan was unveiled in an “Open Letter to the Industry” by the company chairman, president and vice president. The plan will reduce the number of U.S. outlets offering Cartier jewelry and other products from 400 to 165. These jewelers will be chosen with “meticulous care,” based on a variety of marketing criteria, according to the letter. They also will receive expanded ad support, exclusive in-store promotions, signs, sales incentives, sales training and after-sales service.

January 5, 2009
Most women would like to get two types of gifts for the upcoming holidays - jewelry and chocolate. Simons Jewelers connected these two gifts into one - the Box of "Collection Le Chocolate". The box contains excellent candies "Lake Forest Confections" and exclusive jewelry: a necklace, a ring and a bracelet decorated with yellow and blue diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Simons Jewelers asserts that the collection is priceless, however the company is ready to sell the entire collection for a cool 1.5 million dollars.

December 27, 2008
Chef Masami Mijamoto of the department store "Tachasimaya" in the Japanese city of Osaka prepared a Christmas cake decorated with one hundred South-African blue and yellow diamonds, with a 50 carat total weight and priced at almost $900,000 US Dollars. It won't be possible to taste the diamond cake earlier than December 25th, when Catholics, Protestants and some orthodox will mark the Christmas holiday. Even if someone will buy the cake earlier, the department store has decided to hold this miracle of culinary jewelry art in one of the store windows for the entire holiday season to keep-up an atmosphere of fun and magic among shoppers.
Except for the diamonds, the pie is quite edible. It has a height of 35 cm, stands on a square chocolate base, and is made of cake biscuit, a heavy cream and glaze. In the center is a small Christmas tree dressed with candies, fruits and nuts. According to the author: “first of all women should notice a unique combination of the refined sweets and the sparkle of diamonds”. It took six months to create the design and one month to prepare the cake.

December 21, 2008
. A gold leaf facial treatment was unveiled this week, highlighting another example of the yellow metal's healthy properties. Umo Inc., a japanese company, presented the "gold leaf facial treatment" at Beautyworld 2007. According to company representatives, the application of thin gold leafs on skin helps to remove wrinkles, inflammation, and promotes the rejuvenation of healthy skin. The company also claims that the new gold treatment in combination with "gamma PGA waves", helps to keep skin firm by locking in moisture, and suppressing collagen depletion and the wearing out of elastin. The treatment costs about $300.

December 17, 2008
According to the World Gold Council gold jewelry sales increase 6% in units in the first quarter of 2006. Discount department stores reported the biggest increase for the first quarter, followed by chain stores, department stores and independent jewelry stores. Only catalog showrooms, a shrinking retail sector, reported lower sales.

December 12, 2008
The president of the german firm "Hugo Boss" Bruno Zaltser talked about a new company project in his recent interview - the creation of a new collection of fine jewelry. The german company decided to analyze market trends and to create serious competition for its main competitors. "We conducted a great deal of market research, and have obtained very interesting results", Bruno Zaltser announced in an interview to the Financial Times Deutschland. "Our jewelry will be interesting to an equal degree to both men and women".
After management finalizes the designs of the new collection, Hugo Boss will take the final step and begin to sell licenses for production of the new jewelry collection. It will probably be the same approach as with previous projects: sun-glasses, perfume and underwear. With this new project, Hugo Boss anticipates an enormous success in the expansion of the boundaries of its brand.

December 4, 2008
At the GITEX 2006 exhibition, Hewlett-Packard demonstrated an unusual version of its HP Laserjet HP1160 printer. This fully functional printing device was coated with gold and silver worth $25,000 US Dollars.

The printer was made to celebrate sales of its LaserJet printer line passing the 4 million mark. At the end of the exhibition, HP plans to auction off the printer to benefit charity.

December 3, 2008
Here is something new for the jewelry industry and diamond cutters in particular. Universal Diamond Technology of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., has developed an automated "coning" process to replace most hand-blocking of diamonds, says Kamal Peters, a partner in the firm.
After blockers add the first eight facets, says Peters, the Universal Cone Generator automatically fashions the bruted diamonds to within 15% of their final polished weight. "The process is similar to preforming which we see in other industries," he explains. "It creates perfect cones for round stones on crowns and pavilions.
Traditionally, says Peters, a skilled blocker needs two hours to bring a 45-point bruted diamond to a finished weight of a quarter carat. The coning process cuts that time to one hour and 10 minutes, he says.
Here's how it works. Two or eight pairs of diamonds (depending on the model) are mounted into separate holders. Each stone in the pair is rotated against the other until the proper crown shape is achieved in both. The operator then reverses the stones to do the pavilions.

November 17, 2008
Asanti, an American automobile wheel manufacturer, released new wheel rims priced at 2 million dollars. A company spokesperson announced that these will be the most expensive wheels ever created. The new AFS 103 series, is available in 30 and 34 inches in diameter.
Each wheel is inlaid with precious stones - 26 thousand diamonds and 1200 rubies or sapphires. Note that this is Asanti's second design of "jewelry" for automobiles. The first series of 4 wheels sold for 1 million dollars and contained only 12 thousand diamonds and 800 sapphires.

November 3, 2008
During the CES exhibition, the California based company Moneual which specializes in the production of HTPCs (Entertaining Home Theater PCs), made an impressive statement.
The company promised to build two styles of a "PK Jewelry PC", priced at $1 million dollars a piece.
To build this PC, the famous jewelry designer Charles Buckingham is going to use precious metals set with diamonds and precious gems. In the past, Moneual introduced several "Jewelry PC" models made of 18k yellow and white gold accented with diamonds and gems, priced at $30 thousand dollars each.
The most expensive PC to date is the "Ego Lifestyle" notebook by Ego manufacturers, which sold for $355 thousand dollars.

October 23, 2008
According to Daniel Gohari, VP and director of commercial assets for the Moinian Group, the firm has acquired the International Jewelry Center located in Los Angeles, CA for a cool $144 million dollars.
Located in the downtown jewelry district, the multi-story center was built over 25 years ago and has over 300 jewelry related outlets from around the world, with on-site jewelry manufacturing tools and high tech security features.
The Moinian Group also owns other lots in the downtown area designated for future development as multi-story rental and commercial buildings. The Moinian Group is one of the real estate industry's top development firms.

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