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Welcome to our education and information site map. From this page you can navigate throughout our site to find the most comprehensive information online, including information on jewelry, diamonds, diamond engagement rings, gemstones with their corresponding charts and descriptions, pictures, history, and "magic powers" . You are also invited to check out the latest jewelry news and jewelry articles.

Jewelry is made of specific metals such as gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, gun-metal and some inorganic materials like wood, plastic, glass, shells, corals, (for costume jewelry) etc. Since ancient times, jewelry has been worn on various parts of the body .

Below you'll find "must know" facts to help you make the right decision when shopping for an engagement ring or jewelry . This includes descriptions and helpful suggestions on the care and cleaning of gemstones and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum.
Platinum - the purest metal
Diamond - the eternity of love
Common stone settings
Printable Ring Sizer
Silver - a good luck metal
Gold A source of power
Price - gold , platinum, silver
Gemstone quality
Gemstone jewelry care
Stone shapes and cuts
How to care for fine jewelry
About Antique jewelry
About Art Nouveau jewelry

Because of their deep-rooted "magical powers", gemstones have been a prized commodity in trade and commerce throughout the centuries.
Main Gemstone Chart
Gemstone Colors
Anniversary Stones
Healing Gemstones
Gemstone Education
Alexandrite, the gem that changes color
Amber, nature's time capsule
Agate, a mellow master healer
Bloodstone, a gem reflecting the sun
Beryl, the gem that opens your eyes
Carnelian, the warm-colored gem
Chrysoberyl, a supernatural stone
Chalcedony, the metamorphic stone.
Iolite, the gem of the Vikings
Jade, the royal gemstone of China
Lapis Lazuli, a mystical blue stone
Jasper, a favorite gem of the past
Moonstone, a magical brilliant glow
Onyx, the background gem
Quartz, the most common gem
Spinel, the great impostor of gems
Tanzanite, sapphire's competitor
Tourmaline, the natural healer
Zircon, the diamond imitator

Gemstones associated with the specific months of the year are called birthstones. Birthstones have been thought to bring luck, prosperity and good health to their wearers for centuries. Birthstone Jewelry

View Birthstone Jewelry
Blue Topaz
About Modern Birthstones
Garnet - a universal gemstone
Amethyst - a royal color
Aquamarine - the treasure of mermaids
Diamond - the eternity of love
Emerald - nothing greener
Pearl - the jewel of Cleopatra
Ruby - happiness and health
Peridot - soft yellow-green
Sapphire - the gem of the sky
Opal - a premier jewel
Citrine - sunny and affordable
Blue Topaz - the jewel of Jupiter

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