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Coral is known to be used as a gem since prehistoric times. Coral has a history of religious meaning. Coral is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures. Coral was long thought to be a strong talisman against bleeding, evil spirits, and hurricanes.

Coral Coral is calcium carbonate with a trade of carotene. Its color ranges from white to red. It grows in branches that look like underwater trees. Most coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea or in the Pacific off Japan and Taiwan.

When you say the word coral, most people think of the coral reefs in the South Pacific like the Great Barrier Reef off Australia. However, these coral reefs are formed by a different species than the coral traditionally used in jewelry Corallium rubrum and Corallium japonicum. The most valuable colors of coral are red, black, and pink, which is known as angel skin coral. Coral is rarely used for wedding ornaments, engagement rings or bridal jewelry because it is much softer than other gem materials with a hardness of only 3.5. As a result it should be stored carefully to avoid scratches. Coral is also porous so it should not come into contact with chemicals. To clean it, wipe it gently with a moist soft cloth.

Coral - Main Characteristics

Hardness (Mohs Scale)3.5
Molecular formulaCaCO3
CompositionCalcium carbonate.
Crystal ShapeVaries.
Atomic (Crystal )Structure -
Index of Refraction-
Density (Relative)3.86
Light interaction-
UsesJewelry, rings, ornamental, decorative, other.

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