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Gemstones - Meanings and Names
Gemstones / Birthstones accepted by the American National Association of Jewelers (1912).
Please view the chart below and follow the corresponding links for more information on gemstone meaning and names.

Gemstone As a Birthstone Color
AmethystFebruary From light to dark purple
Aquamarine March Pale blue or aqua blue
Agate - Various
Alexandrite - Changes color from green to red
Amber - Golden yellow, sometimes with inclusions
Bloodstone March (alternate) Green with bright red spots
Beryl - Various
Carnelian August (alternate) Reddish brown
Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl - Changes color from honey-brown to an apple green
Chalcedony - Various
Citrine - Yellow-gold to orange brown
Coral - From white to red
Diamond April Clear, pale: pink, blue, yellow, orange, green, brown
Emerald May Deep Green
Garnet January Dark red, green, brown
Iolite - Purplish blue
Jade - Green, pink, lavender, yellow and white.
Jasper - Red, yellow, green, and grayish blue, often with nice bands and patterns.
Lapis Lazuli October (alternate) Dark blue, often with golden pyrite inclusions.
Moonstone June (alternate) From colorless to gray, pink, brown, green or yellow
Onyx - Black
Opal October Light Blue, Multicolor
Peridot August Bright yellow-green to green
Pearl June Pearl
Quartz - Clear
Ruby July Dark red or ruby red
Sapphire September From sky blue to dark blue.
Spinel - Pastel pink and purple, cobalt.
Tanzanite - Velvety blue
Topaz November Yellow
Tourmaline December (alternate) Various
Turquoise December Turquoise Blue
Zircon - Clear

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