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Antique and Estate Jewelry

Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, Retro and Period jewelry.

Jewelry should be at least 100 years old to be considered antique. More and more pieces of jewelry become antique each year. 100 years is recognized by the U.S. Customs for duty-free import of antiques, including antique jewelry.
Estate jewelry is a term used to describe second-hand,or previously owned jewelry.

Jewelry produced during the time of the reign of the four King Georges of England,from 1720-1820. Usually Georgian jewelry is considered to be English jewelry.

Jewelry produced during the time of the reign of Queen Victoria of England,from 1837-1901.Victorian era is divided into three periods.The Early Victorian period lasted from 1837-1860.The Mid-Victorian period lasted from 1860-1885.The Late Victorian lasted from1885-1901.

Art Nouveau:
Jewelry produced from 1890-1915.The characteristics of Art Nouveau jewelry are: curved lines, flowers-twisting and moving, birds, insects flying, beautiful women and pastel colored enamels.

Jewelry produced from 1905-1920, combining finely detailed work in platinum and diamonds with delicate design elements.

Art Deco:
Jewelry produced in 1920's and 30's inspired by the French "Art Decorative" movement. Art Deco jewelry had bold and modernistic designs utilizing sharp lines, and striking color combinations.

Jewelry produced from the 1940's to early 50's. The characteristics of Retro jewelry are: large and heavy designs in gold often with rubies and diamonds, combination of multicolored gold - pink and rose and the use of multicolored stones: precious and semiprecious.

Period Jewelry:
Period Jewelry is jewelry that is no longer produced , is less than 100 years old and can be categorized by its specific style and quality.

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